About me



My passion has been growing in me over the past few years. 2 years ago I bought my first flying camera. I fell completely into the flying. Whenever I’m in the air seeing stunning place I feel great excitement, amazement and admiration. Why not to share it with others?

For me the true “living” is when I am flying. All the rest is just waiting.

That is why I am creating Xploria.live – an immersive landscape video channel. My goal is to share with you the same amazement and excitement I feel in the air. The idea is to move you completely into the different world. You may feel like a bird or a ghost visiting wonderful worlds.

I pay a lot attention to the picture quality, the sound and the edition. I use the best drones and cameras available on the market (DJI Inspire 2 X7 for main productions, Phantom 4 Pro for live streamings and more risky shots). Each year I change cameras to have the best possible set of tools. All videos have geographical descriptions to inform you where exactly was the flying camera in particular shot.

Xploria is edited as the “slow video”. Long shots, relaxing music, slow transitions, gentle effects. Don’t rush in watching, relax and give yourself some time to feel the nature’s transcendence.

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That was beautiful , That camera !!!! good grief I’m jealous !! I do not believe in giving 10s, so 9.999 😉 great work !!


Beautiful imagery. I little long for my short attention span. Maybe some shortened shots. The editing was flawless and the music a perfect compliment. Well done.